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Our Hull family is of Irish descent, having been named after the hill (Hull) they lived under. If you look closely at the picture, you can see the hill in the distance, just off the River Roe in the foreground. This picture was taken in the first half of the 1800s and some of our ancestors or relatives could have been living there at the time. This site is dedicated to all things Hull including DNA research, family news and other related families like the Rigbys, Lowes, Galloways, Liptrots and of course our Australian branch.


The Hull Book is now out and available on this site. You can download it here or view it online here. Kudos to Dan Hull and everyone associated with the work. I have looked at it and it's amazing. There is so much information! For new genealogists, what a fantastic place to start. For all us old hands, there is a treasure trove of stories and data. Great job everyone!

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Hull News

The reunion this year is in Franklin, ID and I will miss seeing all of you there. The website now includes all of the Hull book Dan Hull has been working on with all of you. Let me know how your experience with the book is by emailing me at

Until later,

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There are actually two accounts available at this site. One for the name database and the other for the wiki. The name database includes all Hull relatives that we have currently available. This database is added to as we find people and check their information for accuracy and completeness. If you have a name account, you can suggest changes which we verify and add.

The wiki is different in that it is not just names, it's pictures, stories, family pages and a lot more. It is a freeform community tool like Wikipedia (we use the same software). There are links in the WikiLinks section of this page.

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